Is there a way to capture call to action buttons into a property to make a popup menu?

I wan’t to do this so that players don’t have to scroll through a million popup shops, just one popup menu with different call to action buttons.

I don’t think there is, unfortunately. You can’t interact with text other than links.

Aw :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

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The maximum amount of call to action buttons is only 2 so I don’t think that’s possible.

Yeah @NavyCatZ is right, there is no possible way as of right now.

Monopoly would be 100000000% easier if this was the case.


Since the max call to action buttons is only 2, you can only make 2 items unless you make 1 item in the popup and a “skip” button the skip the item and show the next popup

Edit: ok im making a guide on it

Yeah, but that is a thing. They want an easier way.

Tell me if you had a choice, take the easy way and get 1 million dollars or the hard way, work till you have 1 million dollars?

Work. Would feel more satisfing in the end.

Hard way for sure.

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@Vortex-Mist Mark a solution, please!

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