Is there a way to bypass the terrain limit

I have been building my map and I can tell that my terrain limit is about to be full so i’m wondering if there is a way to bypass it.

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If you are talking about the 2500 Wall terrain limit, yes there is. You can place floor tills and put a barrier over it and make it invisable so it acts and looks like a wall. But there is no way to by pass the floor limit, which i think is 5000. Sorry.


If you mean the wall limit, you can use barriers instead.
Oh didn’t see you reply sorry

Thats what I said, i have done it before. No Worries.

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ok thanks for telling me that.

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Your Welcome.

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You can set the background to bypass the wall limit. Using text emojis (make the emoji of the floor) you might get more floor terrain.

I don’t under stand, becuase if you want grass as you main bachground but you need bricks which can you choose? It will look weird with brick flooring.

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No, set the floor, and then use emojis in text.

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