Is there a way to build a clash Royale style game?

is it possible to build a 1v1 clash Royale styled game where you can buy ai armies that help you fight the opponent(and there are 3 castles)?

also how to make the castles have health

You could buy sentries for the armies and for the castle to have health make a barrier that is breakable! BAM! How do you like that @anonymousguy!


It is very possible btw! Anyways good luck on your map!

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It is (sort of) possible. Use pseudo health for the towers. Search it here on the forums. For the ai armies, you can have the players spawn sentries. This can be an alternative to the above.

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Sorry to break the enthusiasm, but barriers can’t be broken. Props can though, so that would have to be used instead. But props are like barriers but cooler so :person_shrugging:. Maybe somehow use barriers…

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you can give health to props… if that is what you are looking for,

go to the prop and turn on “damage” then select how much health it has


that is debatable… but I mostly agree


Ohhhh! Yeah I saw my friend using a barrier but I think it was a prop. Thanks for the clarification!

this helped a lot thanks:):+1:

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If you’re done and found all you need mark a solution!

Np! Make sure you mark a solution! (possibly @th3_ca1tsune solution!)

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