Is there a way to automatically check what wires are incomplete?

if u want to be able to see diff wires just move the thing its connected to further away then click on wire to see what it says then once done move it back


well, when a wire is not fully connected, it will have a red outline instead of green, is that what you meant @PerSiberian?

If it is at least visible enough, and from what I understand, there are two lines that pass through. Red = incomplete, Green = complete

Wow, alright. I just sent the same thing

Complete wires have green light in them and incomplete ones have red


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I just said the solution too, and TaigaBiome

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Yes but I have pictures.

If you want your answer to be a solution, please just ask. The amount of people who give an answer then immediately say “mark a solution” is unreal.


Ok i get how that could be annoying.

The solution is entirely based on what the author likes best. If you just want the solution, the solution count is just an empty number. This isn’t targeted toward you but it’s just a general statement for people who help for the sake of numbers. Sorry, @ClicClac , I’m a bit guilty of doing that so I’ll try to be a bit more open minded in the future. Let’s get back on topic.


It’s fine. Just trying to reduce the amount of clutter and increase the amount of help!

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This is exactly why gimavengers were scuffed and I am proud to not be a former one.

Solutions came almost two months after the Gimvengers were disbanded. That wasn’t Gimvenger influence, that was #1 forum helper influence. The Gimvengers were fine until it changed from just the active helpers on the forum to a set of requirements.


I know. I making a title based on likes ruins the point of helping in the first place, and puts more emphasis on the glory and less on the fun and wanting to help. It creates ambitious helpers, nothing wrong with that, but some may miss the point. It literally said that it was created in place of un featured helpers, nothing wrong with that, but slowly undermined the original goal.


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I gotta say something. Unfeatured Helpers were unnecessary because their entire motto was “You don’t need a title to help.” The irony was that, Unfeatured Helpers kind of was a title, and even if it wasn’t bragged about, or used, Unfeatured Helpers should’ve been a PSA and not a group.

I seriously did not know that wires were red when incomplete, haha.


Why do some people have spread apart dots and some have pulses that are a line?

mysz read

I know that, just a bit ironic on all sides and times we have tried to make titles.