Is there a way to automatically check what wires are incomplete?

On my map, I have tens of wires all around it, and they are extremely close to each other. However, I want to check and see if any wires are incomplete. Is there a way to automatically check all wires to see which ones are incomplete?


In gimkit, incomplete wires technically don’t exist. There are only complete wires in Gimkit Creative.


As @twofoursixeight said, you cannot make or check which wires are incomplete. You can only:

Make a wire
Discard the wire

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What do you mean by incomplete wires? If you mean wires that haven’t been set to a setting yet, their pulse animations will look red instead of green. There isn’t a more efficient option for this.


Usually, one would know what to do with wires.
It would be best if they:

  • set the wiring before doing anything else
  • after, leave it how it is

if u want to be able to see diff wires just move the thing its connected to further away then click on wire to see what it says then once done move it back


well, when a wire is not fully connected, it will have a red outline instead of green, is that what you meant @PerSiberian?

If it is at least visible enough, and from what I understand, there are two lines that pass through. Red = incomplete, Green = complete

Wow, alright. I just sent the same thing

Complete wires have green light in them and incomplete ones have red


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I just said the solution too, and TaigaBiome

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Yes but I have pictures.

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