Is there a way i can activate and deactivate a teleporter

is there a way i can activate and deactivate a teleporter

There isn’t an option, but you could use a zone instead with just a teleporter for show in it.

of is there a way that I can do a respawn thing active somewhere where it is not world spawn?

use a barrier, so when teleported, barrier appears making it where you can’t go back through.

ok I will talk about this later I have to go do something, this mught take awile

I don’t fully understand what you’re saying, so I’m going interpret it one way. I think you’re saying that you want to change where the player spawns after dying. You use the checkpoint device for that.

Ok so
they sawn here which is where I want them to spawn first and they do
then when they die
I want them to spawn here
but it won’t let me do that.
so what do i do?

You could wire a life cycle to a respawn and a teleporter under the spawn pad like this

Then you could do this with the wires

And set the life cycle to these settings

Try that and if it does not work reply to this.
if it does mark a solution.

Thank, but I figured it out

oh okay thank you for telling me

yep your welcome :smiley: .

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