Is the Knockout Manager made obsolete by the Lifecycle?

I was looking at the devices and wondered about this.
Does the knockout manager have any use that the lifecycle can’t do?

Yes, primarily detecting knockouts. Lifecycles only trigger when the game starts. If I’m wrong and they do trigger when a player is knocked out, then knockout managers just provide additional control over knockouts.

They let you do stuff for the knocked out player and stuff for the player that knocks out.

Lifecycles have a dropdown for:

Game Starts (default)
Player Joins Late
Player Knocked Out
Player Knocks Out

So that I think is all the features of a knockout manager. I think it’s just a matter of convenience, often other devices can be recreated with others.

I found something:

The knockout manager has blocks capabilities, while the lifecycle does not.
The blocks include 5 exclusive blocks used only in this device.
Screenshot 2023-09-20 081217

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Lifecycles are for primarily when just a certain thing happens, such as game start, and reaching a threshold of something.
The knockout manager is important; it measures KNOCKOUTS specially. You could say It specializes in it.

All of this can be done, since when the life cycle device triggers another device, it carries with it some metadata about the player who it triggered from

So trigger when player knocked out would be triggering for that player
So the block code is recreateable

Is this a lifecycle-knockout manager discussion? That’s kinda cool, though.

Ko managers have a feature to drop and item when a player or sentry dies. They also have their own special block code.