Is the 0.25 damage setting not working?

so i tried doing a defense up move on a boss (making the players damage lower with the damage mod) but its not exactly working it still stays regular damage i might be wrong and my randomizer might just not be doing that specific move and for your info i have a trigger basic settings that triggers on def up and wired to a relay that is set to team 1 and wired to a damage mod set at 0.25 and for 10 seconds

Can you provide a picture?

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Screenshot 2023-11-14 9.48.46 AM

Can I see the randomizer code? If it works, you might just not be on team 1.

oky gimme a sec

Screenshot 2023-11-14 9.50.50 AM
the third one is the defense up one
and the trigger with this code is linked to a repeater

Did you spell the channel right?

Wait. Did you put the channel in the correct location in the trigger?

lemme double check real quick

oh wait the wire wasnt fully set up when i checked it woops :sweat_smile:

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