Is it possible?

Is it possible to make an overlay of the game to make it when I look into a barrel then a screen comes up to make so I can store items in the barrel.

Umm so that first part is should be possible but I’m not entirely about storing unless you use a certain block code with picks up which items you “store” so it can give it back (Via item granters)once you take it out, but i’m not good at block code so I may be wrong.

Is there a giude I can use

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I believe there is one

But not entirely sure

Ok what is it called
so then I can look it up and use it.

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(Zone) Player Enters Zone --> (Game Overlay) Show overlay

You could also use Triggers.
(Make sure the Game Overlay is player-scoped)

For storing, you could use this guide

or just have players drop their items in the barrel.


ok thanks I will close this chat after I get it to work.

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