Is it possible to monetize your Gimkit Maps?

So, is it possible to monetize your Gimkit maps?
I don’t plan on doing this either way, but this is still an interesting question to me…
What do you think?

No I don’t think so. GKC doesn’t have a support-a-creator function, but that would be cool


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Hmm, maybe.

No idea, it’s just a question that popped into my brain ¯_(ツ)_/¯

No, there is no way to. I wish there was though, cause I spend too much time on Gimkit. Anyways, mark a solution to close the topic. Maybe in the future we may get gimbucks, but it’s unlikely, especially getting real money.

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ok… I am stupid… pls forgive me… what does monetize mean?

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ahh, got it… I don’t think gimkit would let you earn money off their platform…

(genius! I should’ve googled it…)

Probably not, but it would be a nice extra source of cash. Even if you got a cent every 100 plays, I would have made about $15.


They could probably make a system where certain users would be certified as a “Featured Publisher” or something, if they reach a certain requirement like having at least 1,000 plays on 5 different maps. Then only Featured Publishers can monetize and receive gimbucks from their maps.

Oooo that sounds fun

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