Is it possible to make randomly generated rooms

I would like to make randomly generated rooms for a dungeon crawler game, would it be possible to do this?


If you wouldn’t mind would you be able to explain how to do so?

This also would be memory consuming. The way I would do it is to have props, sentries and devices that all activate or deactivate based off of what channel the game emits out of the RNG machine. (Ex: if you get a 1, a tree is activated. A 2, a bush.)

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Build multiple rooms. Have teleporters in each one and make sure the they all have the same group setting. In the room(s) where you will travel to those rooms after completing the previous level, have a teleporter with a target group set to whatever the other teleporters’ group setting it set to.


(Use this guide if you don’t know how teleporters work)

Basically, if you copy multiple teleporters that have the same group and another teleporter with the target name being the group those teleporters, (The first one I mentioned) it chooses a random teleporter from those to teleport to.

You can make levels/rooms more rarer/common than others by making more teleporters for them for a higher chance for them picked and make less to make them rarer.


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