Is it possible to make props have health with no collision?

Is it possible to make props have health with no collision? (if no an alternate solution)
@getrithekd do you have a solution?

No one is replying :frowning:

I don’t think so

Yea, same thing happened to me. (do you have an alternate solution?)

You could add zones* that hide and show a prop with collision and the prop is able to be damaged idk if this will work

*or triggers or lasers

What else can be damaged in gimkit? (beside sentries)

I think props and other gims are the only thing that can be damaged. (and sentries)

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Noooooo… That ruins my whole theory :frowning:

@Cellofive is it possible to have barriers that 1 team can pass through?

Set the scope to team and use a lifecycle with a relay (specific team)

Should I tag this un-resolved @Cellofive ?

it’s probably best do that for now as there is no solution being said.

It’s not possible, in order for something to hit it, it has to have collision because the collision isn’t just about player collision, it’s about all the collision in the game.

@FusionLord There is a way, i just have to get home and I’ll help you. (Might take a while)

There is a way. First, you need a zone and two of the same props. Have the damage enabled on one of the props—Disable collision with the other. Place the props right over each other. Then, place the zone on the props as close as possible but also cover the entire prop. You may need to use multiple zones for this. Then, wire the zone(s) to the prop. It should go like this: Player Enters Zone → Hide Prop and Player Leaves Zone → Show Prop. There then should be a prop underneath with no collision. Make sure to not wire anything to the collision-disabled prop just yet. Then, wire the collision-enabled prop to the collision-disabled prop. The wire should go like this: Prop Destroyed → Hide Prop. Then you have it!

Extra Info

Make Sure to have the props right over each other or it might look weird. Use the grid for help.

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While that works, I need them to damage them when your in that zone, but great answer anyways!

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If you want that, then it’s not possible. Sorry.

it is possible you just need to set the collision to no and set the prop damage to be on! do correct me if I’m wrong on this as I’m not entirely sure!