Is it possible to make it so when you are under a ball you respawn

Look at da title

Don’t think so. Can you elaborate on your problem? What do you want to be made? Perhaps there’s a workaround.

Can zones render Blastballs? If they can, you can go have fun making a coordinate system for every single spot and do that.

Zones? Lemme try

Nope didn’t work you could use a ball capture zone

I don’t think theres an easy solution to this. You would have to have a grid., similar to a coordinate system. It would then check to see if the player was there, zones, and then see if the ball was there, no-respawn ball capture zones. If both were true for a tile then the player would be respawned. This would be costly, annoying, and semi-innacurate

Yeah, but then you’ll have to have a ball capture zone for every spot you want the ball to be able to move.

You can turn ball respawn off. Its in ball capture zone settings.

I don’t think there’s a way to see if a ball’s in a zone. Do you know?

ok… so I’m only using this for part of my map

What do you want to happen? Maybe there’s a workaround. What’s this mechanism for?

It’s for like a mini game where you blast the ball around and you try to eliminate all players

This does it

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I got to log off I’ll check later

welp ok

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What if you used pseudo-health???

for what

how’d that work

Yeah. And if it is a one-shot kill then it isn’t necessary.

Ok hi I gotta sleep just dropping in to check and it’s not solved yet?

The post that this replied to should work. It checks the position of the ball and the player in a coordinate system and overlays them. If a square of the grid has both the ball and the player it will respawn the player. Make sure to use ball capture zones that do not respawn the ball.