Is it possible to make everyone have the same question in a question kit?

A little confusing but I have a relay that makes it automatically open the question answering screen, but the thing is the question is different for each player. Is there a way to fix this?

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One question in the set?

There are multiple questions in my kit, so each player gets a random question.

Then make another kit with only one question, when the relay triggers, make it trigger something. If it’s everyone’s first time opening the screen, it opens the one-question questioner, if it’s not everyone’s first time opening the screen, it opens the normal questioner.


Well if I have 10 questions then I will have to make 10 kits?

Hmm, maybe?

Another problem is that when GimBucks are back, none of the players answering will get them. (You need at least 10 questions in the set)

@EggNoodle There is no way to make your players get the same questions (assuming you use the same kit). Even if you could, players answer questions at different rates, so this system would be broken anyways. I think question order is a thing on Blooket, though. As @mYsZ stated, you can have different kits for every question.

Also, please mark a solution.

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I think the only way would be to do what @mysz said

Thanks for your reply! I’m trying to make a Kahoot-like system thingy where every player has to answer the same question and you will have to wait for other people to answer. I think I have a solution for this. You can close the question answering screen when they answer and make them wait for other players to answer (by setting a countdown).

Oh good idea!

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Yes, that’s what I was thinking too.

Also make sure that they can’t close the questioner.

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I think you mean GimBucks, GimCoin is a different thing.

(Source: gimkit blog)

Is this an April Fools joke?



IDK, it seems official to me.

So GimCoin is Gimkit stock? Sorry for the confusion, I just saw someone say GimCoin somewhere so I thought that was it.

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