Is it possible to make a random player have more health than the others?

I am trying to make a map were at the start of the game one random player gets selected to be the Hunter or Giant or Boss (Something like that). I want it so that one player has an increased health bar than all the other player and is on a separate team than the rest. How in the world could I do this? If you need to ask more questions and need info on what I need help on, feel free to ask! Pls Help.

well first, teams, then i guess just make them have max health and everyone else not?


Or, you can hurt every other player except for a random player at the start somehow

I see, I don’t even know if it is possible to have one person with more health.

Lifecycle > Relay > Team Switcher Relay > Health Granter?

Did it work?


make everyone start with less than 100% health
add a lifecycle, a relay, and a health granter
make the relay go to random player
lifecycle to game start
adjust health granter to how much extra health you want
wire the lifecycle to the relay and the relay to the health granter
Event occurs > trigger relay
relay triggered > grant health
Hope it helps!


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