Is it possible to make a proportion? (Or in other words, increase the limit by _ per minute)

Ok, this is gonna be a hard one. So basically, I’m making a racing game. And I want the limit to be 4 laps per minute. If anybody gets more than 4 laps per minute, it will trigger the anti-cheat and they will turn into a spectator. However, I want the limit to increase by 3 every minute so people can still race without triggering the anti-cheat. Is this possible?

You have a property that increases by 1 when you finish a lap. Have a repeater that runs a task every 60 seconds and when it runs a task, set the property to 0. Every time you finish a lap you check the property, and use a checker to check if the limit is reached. If it is, trigger the anti-cheat.

How do I find the spectator device?

You can use the team switcher to set the player to a spectator.