Is it possible to make a level bar in game?

By using properties but like in-game xp?

yeah like in-game xp
which guide do you guys recommend for the xp guide?

Why are so many of coral’s guides solving your help posts lol

Also, if you want it to show on a Game Overlay, you can use a Trigger that broadcasts on a channel and triggers on that exact same channel to create a loop.

(Ex. “When triggered, transmit on “a”, Trigger when receiving on “a”)

Now, go to the Game Overlay’s blocks and create a new block.
Make it receive on the channel you used for the Trigger.


Set Text | Create Text With | XP:
Get Property “XP”
Extra Notes

The Game Overlay will look like this: XP:XPAmount
Since it looks kinda weird without spaces, you can put the property before the text like this:

Set Text | Get Property “XP”
XP Points earned

That way, it’ll look like this when revsied:
[InsertXPAmount] XP Earned


Ok thanks! This’ll really help


Lemme go check and see if this works, be back tomorrow

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Wait how do you make it so that it’ll like actually show that you leveled up once you reach a certain amount of xp?(I’m planning on using a notification for the “Leveled up” Notification)

Also, adding on to the

But how do you make it so that when they have completed all the tasks, they gain xp?
Ok gtg, be back tomorrow

Maybe like a trigger loop and one trigger will have blocks like this

If "get property Xp"= 
Example number 99
Do "broadcast message on channel" "xp"
Notification: "send notification when receiving on xp



this should work

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Do you want to send a Notification every time the player levels up or do you want the Notification to send when a player reaches a certain XP count?

If you want it to send every time the player levels up, connect the Property to a Notification.

(Property) Property value changes —> (Notification) Send Notification/Run wire pulse block.

The option is up to you.

JT solved the notification sending when the player reaches an XP count the post above.

Btw, you don’t need two triggers, just use a trigger that broadcasts on a channel and triggers on that same channel to create a loop


Ok Thanks guys one of you can you like sum this all up and combine it into one post(Kind of like a guide)? Thanks…

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Wait holdup it’s all in Coral’s guide I think

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Maybe, you could have a game overlay that adds one more of these characters every time it receives a broadcast from a channel.

maybe my could could help a little bit better?

There a game overlay to show, your xp, a notification system, and makes it so that everytime you level up, the amount to level up increases, making it harder and harder to level up.

I mainly looked at other help posts to see what people needed most

Also, in the posts about the level up notification thingy, I’m pretty sure there is a section for that in my guide


I would use a Game Overlay to track a certain item, the “XP”. Then, using Counters, once that item reaches a Target Amount, you “gain” a level.

that could get confusing, but great idea!

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If you followed my guide perfectly, make the notification appear on channel “level up”

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Yeah I realized that

That is a nice guide, I’ll make Coral’s first, then I’ll try yours.

Wait @Coral how do you make it so that once this reaches 5/5, it grants “xp”?
Screenshot 2024-01-11 11.19.23 AM

uhhh, in my guide you saw the part of the blockcode, make an “if” block, if the property you used for the books = 5, then grant xp, and deactivate the trigger using using channels, I will get a picture up soon