Is it possible to do this thing here?

Is it possible to use a pop-up, but there are options on it? I looked through the forums, but there’s nothing.

do you mean buttons? go to the call to action tab

Yes, use section 3 (Call to Action) tab.

Yeah, but which call to action thing do I edit or whatever?

either one or two there can be 2 diff options
the options can send on channels or use wires to make other things happen

wut channel do i put

doesn’t matter what channel as long as you know what it means put whatever
like if ur using it for respawning the player you could use “respawn” make the respawn receive on channel respawn
or just wire it to the respawn

That depends on what channel you want to run when the player clicks the call-to-action.
Type in the “Primary Call-To-Action Label and Secondary Call-To-Action Label” box.