Is it possible to deactivate an item inventory manager?

I am making a game where there are multiple item inventory managers and I noticed that there can only be one manager active at a time.

Yes, send a screenshot of the manager.

Screenshot 2024-02-13 12.06.08 PM

So basically if the manager detects that if there is over or equal to 20 gold seeds, then it activates a trigger which activates a pop-up, and if you click the button to buy the next area for 20 coins then it activates a trigger, giving you a keycard and subtracting 20 coins.

so is that what is does or what you want it to do?

That’s what it does currently, and it works. But, I have two of these systems and the second one doesn’t work.

so why would you need to deactivate an inventory manager?

Would this help?

Does only one work at a time?

I know how to do it I just tried

to do it you need both of them to be on the same channel and for both of them to be programmed the exact same way…

and then wire them together so they are in sync

thanks ill try that but i have to go.

ok put me as the solution though

Managers directly cannot be deactivated. However, you can activate another manager that has an almost infinite limit, thus “deactivating the manager”. If you simply want another manager to take priority, you just need to send a pulse to it, as managers are active based on the last one activated.

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