Is it possible to create your own version of dont look down

So im newish to creating custom gimkit lobbies and i was wondering if anybody knows how to (if possible) create my own version of the dont look down map. I want to make a more difficult parkor map for fun but i dont know how to make it go upwards. Is it a setting that i cant find or no. I was wondeirng if anyone knew how to make it if possible.

The beta version has not released to season ticket holders yet.


Thank you. do you know when it might release or no

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Nope it hasn’t been released yet and welcome to the forums @Wyverns
Remember to read:


Very soon.

Welcome to forums @Wyverns you can check FAQ - Gimkit Creative to learn the rules.

Umm I know this is off topic but… the point of the FAQ is to learn the rules
Also @Wyverns remember to mark a solution when you have one!

I cant wait for beta version of dld mechanics… :melting_face:

sorry I had edited that last bit.

I think it was about avoiding flags

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You mean the beta version of GKC?

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