Is it possible to count tagging people as knockouts in the leaderboard? (resolved)

I am making a tag game, but I want the tags to count as knockouts, is this possible?

have the game track an item
the item will be given each tag

no, i gave the other players snowball launchers to fight back, so i want it to also count their knockouts

I’m pretty sure you can only have one thing counted on the leaderboard
though I’m not exactly sure about that


ko manager → trigger (in block code, increase a property by 1)

then track the value of the property

nvm my dad figured it out

Use a counter hooked up to a property instead of block code, it’s much more memory efficient


yeah i always forget abt that

mark a solution now that you’ve found your answer

how do i mark a solution

checkbox under post ← like this

lol i ended up figuring it out myself so ima mark myself for solution

actually, i figured it out, but i didnt post the solution

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