Is it possible to an Item Spawner to keep generating an item even when it previous "batch" hasn't been picked up?

Let’s say I have a Item Spawner that gives 50 cash every 10 seconds. When it spawns the 50 cash, I want the spawner to give 100 cash instead of 50 after I wait 10 more seconds. Is this possible?

Maybe use multiple spawners?

But that would eventually stop, wouldn’t it? I’m trying get the spawners to keep spawning cash forever, though I can tell it is probably not possible at this moment, so I’ll find a workaround! Thanks anyways.

You could maybe make it so that # of items spawned= property * 2(I don’t thinks there are blocks in item spawner, though)

Yeah I checked, there is blocks for the Item Granter, not the Item Spawner. I probably could just use a counter that increases, and give that amount when a button is clicked or something like that.

Also, are you getting error 422 or error 500 messages when you try to send messages?
Or is it just me?

also, set property to 2xproperty after you grant them.

No, just you lol (character min)

That would probably be your best bet. If you really wanted the look of an item spawner, I suppose you could put a hidden button underneath it, connect that to an item granter with a block that adds a multiplier.