Is it ok to make a google doc for gimkit codes and share it on this post?

I want to know because that way people can post there codes that way people can’t get in trouble
(this is mainly for peoples schools that block the main gimkit sharing sites)

I concur with the post below me.

absolutely not any kind of code sharing is bannable and not allowed on here

thanks, sorry I was just wondering :face_exhaling:

its fine besides sometimes you just gotta do with what you got :slight_smile:

I thought maybe because it was a Google doc, and it was because my school blocked the wix site that gimkit has made

well the wixsite is not exactly official Cassy asked Josh in the past to make it official but he said no
and if your school doesn’t have restrictions on emails you can email peeps codes which is allowed

and if ur going to share emails just slap it in your bio

ok, sorry for wasting your time with a bad question :sweat_smile:

no don’t be sorry! its fine really bud anyways have a good day meow! :3

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