Is it just me or did sentry's get display names?

Well, looks like it isn’t just you! That’s pretty cool.

Is there a setting to edit that? Look in all options.

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it’s probably a thing coming in a new update

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It was cool and all but it made a whole lot of bugs in creative, For Example: I was making it so the Target value reached → activate the button. For some reason, the button did not activate but when I went up to it it let me click it with the appearance of being deactivated Note that I also made it so it would not be visible in the game, but yet it did.

My sentries randomly got names Not just you! Probably a new update.

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Yes, and a different bug
(there are two hat rims)

That one just looks like you had the skin and stood behind the sentry…

Why else would the shadow be so dark.

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