Is it allowed to have others help build a Gimkit map with you, and how to give them permission to do so?

Thank you so much for noticing this, have good day beta.

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Settings > Permissions > Turn whatever you want to turn on.


Create a showcase link and turn on all permissions. Both of these are in Settings.

Y’know, California_love isn’t the only person with a brain here? I have part of one.


A showcase link doesn’t allow you to edit…

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yes, just have them go to the enter code screen and have them enter the code in the middle of the top of the screen when you are editing. When they are in, go to settings and click on permissions, then select the ones you want

wait that’s a thing for ppl to edit your map with a showcase?

But perms do.

oh wait…

He miswrote that lol

ye sorry bout that

@eggnoodle I actually thought :sob:
@wingwave maybe that can add it in as a real thing?

Changed title, because I want other people to think that they have brains too. Pinging in a title doesn’t really work either.

add what

oh i get it

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Thank you so much everyone this helps a lot!

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A regular isn’t rare. I’m a Regular too!

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A regular is just a rank. Anyone can get it. Heck, I used to have it!

Dedication (no offense, but) can be nothing. The real thing is if you really know what you’re doing. I’m not saying that he doesn’t have experience and brains and stuff, he does.


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