Is gore allowed?

is gore allowed? If it isn’t, then can I just warn the players that viewer discretion is advised?

I would’nt reccomend adding gore, just because of rules and stuff. If you do add it, probably give a warning.

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so like “viewer discretion is advised”

yeah. but like i said, things like tos and flagging

what the heck are you thinking about adding gore

publishing has to be appropriate for people as young as 6.

viewer discretion isn’t gonna help

they can just view it anyways

and gimkit has to keep your map in their servers anyway

also people don’t really like gore (i got a piece of some people’s minds after i added gore to my lore)


kinda rude but okey dokey

This is all fair, though it would be appreciated if you could use a less aggressive tone in the future.

never mind i googled it


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