Is gimkit shop going to come back in august 31th or 30th

Cosmetics will return on Wednesday, 2pm


It’s coming back tommorow at 7:00 AM EST.


It will come back tommorow at 7am EST


That’s not the exact time, it depends on the time zone you’re in.
Cosmetics will come back at 6:00 PM for me.

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I saw that from our Gimkit hackerman (and discord), sorry for the confusion.


Search 7:00 AM EST into Google, it converts to your timezone.

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Yeah, for me, it’s 6:00 AM!!!

(time for me to grind in the morning)


Yeah, I tend to be 12/13 hours ahead of most people.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh its gimkit nolt my eyes

Did your inactive friend just hearted me?

He’s a very strange person. He likes popping onto the forum so people can see his User of the Month badge.


Yeah, that guy. I’m going to go ask him if he’s coming back online, brb

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Im sayinng tho ima get all my friend and we all BOUTTA BE GRINDIN

Back during June I was on vacation in that time zone and the gimkit forum felt so dead ;-;

Yeah right :/ Most posts I read was written like 8-12 hours earlier…

me in a house and with a dog and what is it like 13 gold fish

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