Is gimkit down?

i cant load into gimkit : / anyone else facing this problem?

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Gimkit Status (


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Yep, I am too. I thought it was because I was messing with the api, but I guess it’s just a server-wide issue.

thanks, thought it was just my schools terrible internet lol

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bros my friend broke gimkit

same here. I just retyped the website name and it worked.

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just kidding… doesn’t work

Yes gimkit is down, you can email support at and all i can say is to wait for the servers to come back up.

dont worry i’m not :wink: i

It kicked me out while I was editing the blocks on a trigger. Hopefully it saved. I had so many blocks placed down.

It auto saves every thing, so it might not have saved your wires, but the rest should be okay. You just have to wait for gimkit to fix their servers.

whew! thanks for the relief

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@ethannathebanana please mark a solution!

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