Is Among Us Possible and how do I make it?

If it is possible please help me make it.

look under among-us and look at The Ultimate Guide to Gimkit Among Us (The Skeld)

Thank you I will try it.

It is possiable to an extent.

Can you make the tasks pop up on the screen?

No if you want to not have it as a button you have to teleport the player to a different room and have a scaled up version of the task.

But if I teleport them to another room will everyone be able to go there?

Yes and no. So the imposter’s can’t go in it wire a lifecycle to a relay (with imposter team) and wire the relay to a barrier showing it. Have the barrier’s visibilty scope as team and have it not active on game start. For a button do the same thing except with a button.

Can the imposter kill you when you do a task if I make it like that?

What tasks do you need help on?

If you want that use a button instead of a tp device.


I think I might just make it a button, but if I don’t and I do need help I will just ask.

Ok have fun!

The Impostor won’t be able to kill anywhere on the map so I’d suggest looking at the guide above.

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