Invisible vending machine crashing game

if you create a vending machine and make it invisible there is a 1 that appears and after around 10 seconds it crashes the game

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This is a common bug. Email for now if you want this to stop appearing.
You can also just go back to your map.

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email gimkit on this at


don’t email

because why would you. you told them right here.

why would you email them if you can tell them here.

and i know, they rarely answer these posts, but as far as i can tell they rarely answer the either

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It hasn’t happened to me yet

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they replied to me when I messaged them, and not to be rude, but gimkit is a fairly small company, so I think they don’t have THAT many users messaging them everyday

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fine, but i don’t think “email gimkit” should be the solution to these posts. I think reporting the bugs here is fine so we don’t need to email them.

If you email someone they tend to reply quicker, but if you just post it on a forum, then they might not see it until a lot of people are talking about the bug

honestly tho.
what’s the point of the Bugs if we can’t report :beetle:?

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