Invisible Sentry Issue

I want a sentry that won’t attack team one players, but ALL sentries I put down are invisible. Please help. (I put this as a help topic because bugs category gets ignored.

Well I do believe this is a bug.

Weird…sentry limit?

To say this, just place the sentrys and have them set to the same team as one team of players, and for the bug I would restart your device and if that does not work email support at

I say just delete them, and make new ones. That’s what I do!

But that will not work, so to make bugs go away you have to rstart, deleting will not effect anything. Otherwise issues like this would not exist.

I have an idea; use a trigger and wire it to the sentry, then make it so [when triggered-make sentry appear(it probably wont work though…)

its in the editor mode, and even if you set it to invisable, it still appears in editor mode, so its some sort of glitch/bug.

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