Invisible barrier not working

I’m using the grey stone barrier prop in my game because I used my limit of wall terrain and am at 91% memory. I set it so it has collision and isn’t visible in game. But when I’m in the game, I can walk right through the prop even though collision is supposed to be on. I already tried restarting the game. The same thing happened. Anyone know what could be wrong?

It’s a prop, so I don’t think you can make it invisible while turning collision on.

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Hmm, well I don’t know what is going on but instead of a stone barrier prop you could use floor terrain and cover it with an invisible barrier.
(Edit: yeah, a prop can’t be invisible and have collision at the same time)

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props cant have a collision and be invisible, so, maybe use the device barrier cause that works


Oh I understand the thing now. Kittens, the collision setting only works when the prop is enabled. You disabled the prop, so there’s no collision. Use a barrier instead.

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Oh! I didn’t know I couldn’t do that, sorry, I understand now. Thank you everyone for all your help!

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