Inventory randomizer

How to make an inventory randomizer like xseal6x does in build battles

I can help, I know how to do it.

Again, making a build battle would be really hard.

Well, I know how to make a chest randomizer, so maybe that can be converted into a inventory randomizer

Well yes. The issue is making a build battle requires a coordinate system, a complicated system for showing items, and props in every configuration possible. That quickly becomes impossible due to the prop and memory limits.

I am new to gimkit so you lost me on coordinate system. Maybe I am not advanced enough yet to help.

The Tamian Coordinate System | Difficulty: :yellow_square: (See: Updated)

Thanks, I’ll look at that.

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I mean like:

  1. legendary blaster 3 shields 1 med
  2. quantum portal evil eye 2 shields (and is slowed)
  3. Snowball launcher and wand (fast) High shoot speed and no reload
  4. Evil eye (healing)
  5. wand (high damage)

But it is randomized so anyone can have these but only 2 players can have the same