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So, I am trying to make a place where a player has to escape a haunted forest and they find a cave, since that’s the only place that leads them to. So, how do I make it look kind of scary when player enters the cave. Like, how to make it dark and maybe have some type of animal and any ideas on how to make them escape??

Any ideas for any of these? Sorry, I might reply later in the morning or later since I might be AFK.

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Use multiple black barriers with a lower transparency that uses a trigger loop to turn on and off the barriers to make it seems as it is randomly getting spookily darker and lighter.

You could also make it eventually fade to complete darkness and then have a sentry appear once it turns light giving a jump-scare effect

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This sounds nice,need any help? im here!

You could have them think they escape thru the back door, but actually they go into the yard/cemetery. The final level would be the graveyard, which would kinda be like a maze. Also, owl boi:
Screenshot 2024-02-19 7.26.20 AM

Duolingo the owl? And yes, keep stacking barriers until it is dark.

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or you could make the barrier 1.00 instead of 0.80 for it to be automatically 1 color


So, I want it to be like a cave. They will be an invisible button for players to press and then they will teleport to a dark room with like what you guys said are black barriers???

Also, I tried the barriers and none of it seemed to work. The player could exit the barrier but cannot enter the barrier anymore. Anyone know how to do that?

i agree, it is less use of memory to just have a stronger alpha, that or tint. Stacking is en-efficent.

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So, anyone know how to do the barrier thing to keep players inside?

so you want a barrier over the players and a boarder barrier, correct?

Yes, so I want the player to go into a cave which they will press on an invisible button. They will teleport into a dark black barrier but then the player tries to come out and comes out of the barrier but cannot go back into the barrier.

Sorry, it’s a lot. Take your time to reply, this might be hard to explain.
Please tell me if I need to be more specific.

That’s is fairly simple. You have a barrier that is not active where the player leaves the barrier, a zone that is one the floor just outside of the dark barrier that when a player walks through it it enables the barrier making it so that you can’t walk back in. Does that make sense?

Yes yes, but when you said that the player cannot go back into the barrier, that’s not exactly what I meant. I want the player to stay in the black barrier. Thanks for helping most of it though!

well that all depends on where you place the wall barrier, it can be anywhere, the same zone function will work.

Okay, thanks @WolfTechnology !

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