Innovative game mode idea's

I would like some game mode ideas that are original and haven’t been done before for my next gimkit creative game. If you have any ideas, that would be wildly appreciated, thanks!


A turn-based party game where you take turns with another player and go through reward and punishments and a dice system


Sports like ice hockey and rugby.

That sounds fun! could you elaborate more on how this game would work? Like could you give examples of punishments and rewards, and what areas?

u could make a destryoed world where pepole have to find bananas to get out and there would be multiple bosses and levels and secret passages and stuff

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In a turn-based party game it will be similar to a board game.

There is a player that will roll a dice from 1-6 and move n spaces.

We can use a point system.

A reward would be a space with +1 points for example. Another reward would be the ability to take away 2 points from somebody competing with you.

A punishment will be losing a few points. That is all.

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so whoever has the most points by the end of the game wins? I find this really interesting, so I think i’ll try to make it. I’ll keep this post open a little longer for more ideas tho. Also, how should the board look?

It could be a square-shaped board, with some decorative tiles all around

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