Infinite Loops in Blocks?

I was wondering if there is a way to create an infinite loop in block code. The goal of my system is to constantly check if a property is over 0 at a given time and then stop the block code if the property equals 0 or is less than 0. This if statement also subtracts from the property.

You would use delayed recursion for that. Branch recursion would also work. @Shdwy

What is delayed recursion, is it like using a repeater?

A repeater or trigger clock.

Isn’t that continuous recursion?

‘Delayed’ feels misleading because it sounds like it’s starting later, when it’s just running continuously.


But there’s a delay…

It sounds misleading though.

continuous makes more sense, doesnt it?

and its more intuitive to people who have no idea what we’re going on about

Continuous means that there’s no gaps though. There’s gaps in delayed recursion.

Continuous means it repeats continuously. Instant means it happens in 1 tick.

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