Infinite layers (Difficulty ⬜ or 0/10)

you all know how we are restricted to 5 layers, right? well you’re wrong! with this trick you can stack a infinite amount of layers ahahahahahah!

(note* don’t use this for a stair case because of the walls)
end result:

step 1: get a terrain of your choice (I used asphalt road) make it layer 1 then make a shape like this.

step 2: switch to layer 2 and make the same shape on top of the first one on the left

step 3: repeat until you finish layer 5

step 4: place a layer 1 wall on the left part of the layer 5 part

step 5: switch to floor and place the remaining part of the shape

step 6: repeat steps 2-5 until you get the required amount of wall!
(no image ): )

then you’re done! if you’re an experienced gimkitcreativer you probably already figured out how to do this by yourself but i made this guide for those who aren’t as good at gkc


Nice wip @samalomlom!
Is this going to be a repeat of Layer 1 and 2 for an illusion of infinite layers?
Also, I think this is more of a :white_large_square: or 0/10.

Nice! I hope you finish this!

awesome guide! you should remove WIP from the name now.


Nice guide! This small trick will definitely help newer gims.


Nice guide!