Increasing luck? (Making Sol's RNG part 4)

How would I make an item that gives a person a luck increase? And is there anyway to make it so that they can unequip it?

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I’m just wondering. I know that it’s possible, since its in Fishtopia, I just don’t know how.

Somebody could make a guide



1 sec I can help.

in fishtopia its really not. they just have things on a higher percentage. that and they remove some from the loot pool. But i think it is possible.

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well. that actually makes a lot of sense

I mean, if you set up a very complicated blockchain, you could PROBABLY make it un-equipable…

It’s fine if you can’t unequip it, since the game doesn’t save after you close it anyway.

Im working on random dice roll so you could make an inventory item manager have blocks that make it so when you have the item it increases the amount 20 instead of the chance being 1/6 it is 2/6. Here I’ll create an image if you don’t understand.

Wait, random dice?!?! I saw a guide on that once, very recently

Here the first part just says random, this is the image (simple though)

Screenshot 2024-04-22 12.17.03 PM

Hope this helps!

Then when you pick up the item it would change this.

Hmm, interesting.

The only issue with this is the item manager thingy only can do blocks when it changes, so that part might be a little tricky.

If you want to make a luck increase system if you try you might be able to do it, it would just be very complex.
@Stealthknight I don’t think yours would work better if the scale was bigger e.g, 1/20 - 20/20 instead of 1/6 - 6/6

Currently, my RNG picks a number from 1 to 10k.


yeah, that would work better I think, the only problem with bigger ones is you need more BLOCK code, I hate block code!

You could just keep putting the max number into the second box but plus the max again to get really high…

Note that it’ll increase with rarer auras lol

(when i update the game ofc)