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How ya doing, forum? Got a challenge for anyone brave(Or foolish [Sike]) enough to oblige. I need a thumbnail for a minigame island game, a snowy ruins battle game, and a game based off of Minecraft. Is anyone up to the challenge? (Images will be shared below.)

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Please describe the thumbnails using this format:

Here is an image for Minigame Island…

Minigame Island
An island with 4 minigames… Capture the flag, Battle Royal, Dodgeball, and Story Mode.
Takes place on an island.
Use the Sketch, Axel(Blue), and Spotlight(Dazzling)
Gims are battling with a blaster, evil eye, and quantum portal


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i can make one for you… later maybe? im busy, sleepless, and if i make one I won’t do all of them. just one of the thumbnails.

K. You can do that. Just wanted to see if someone would make 3 :smirk:

i only draw thumbnails for game concepts/ideas that seem good enough for me.

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Trade offer: You receive links to moi games. I receive Thumbnails(if you thinks the game is gud)

ummm. sure?
since you can’t post codes or advertise here go to the alternate game discovery:
go to the search bar for the forums. search up harharharhar83 but don’t click enter. the user should pop up. then go to his bio and click on the padlet link. the password is also in his bio.

Ya. My games are Snowy Showdown, Minigame Island, and Gimcraft. Snowy Showdown and Gimcraft might not show up. My games should tell you if it’s made by me(Chaosblade).

that’s advertising.
-_- exactly what’s not allowed in the forums

Alright… Ill try…
Wish me luck.

Do you wish me luck?
  • Yes, go on and COOK (even if the foods bad)
  • No, don’t even.
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you’ll cook, I’m sure of it! anyways… i’ll check out the games later…

Here ya go:

Thumbnail for Minigame Island

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what site did you use to do that?

No telling :wink:

why a ton of people prob. use it

for hand drawn thumbnails use kleki or Canva.
for photo edited thumbnails use pixlr or photopear or Canva

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