In-Game Player View

Is there anyway to make an in-game player have a big view?


Can you adjust Camera Views to make them bigger?
(Not sure)

idk, lemme check

Yes, but that just expands the edges, not where the player sees.

Not really cam view is for making sure you dont see function and lobby outside of map…

THough nothin is impossible

So it makes it only to default distance. That is the max in-game.

okay so is there any way to do this?
im fine with block code

oh ok, you can suggest on nolt for the camera views to increase a player’s view @Aubec7



That would be mid. A device like the speed modifier would be better.


I bet theres something because not everything is gimpossible

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Naw sentries with objectives like flag, knockout (i really need that snetry finding player) and tag (also helpfull)

There is not.

Don’t we already have that?
Also, yeah but it might be helpful to deactivate and activate them as well.

Not now but not always be awnser perhaps…

Like a thing such as the speed modifier. Activate the view size when recieving on and not like the camera view, which has literally no options

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ok, so I guess its kinda impossible so ill mark a solution now


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