In game chat system Guide

Should I renew one? since they have fallen in popularity? I know how to make one and how to make it popup on live feedback So should I?

  • Yes
  • No
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Yea why not

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I should But I will wait for a regular to pop up to say If I should

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You should and show them different customizations. Like you can display it as a

  • Notification
  • Game overlay
  • Game overlay to popup
  • Activity Feed

Oh and of course the customizations to the messages

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Maybe if you could make an efficient one with a backspace that can be used several times.

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They’re talking about a quick chat not a keyboard i think

What kind of chat?

I know, but a pop up shop, but for a keyboard with a backspace

What kind of chat are you trying to make? Is it original, or a copy of an already existing system?

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If it’s a copy, then don’t. It’ll just waste your time and create clutter. If it’s original or different in anyway, you don’t need to ask, as long as it’s different, you can make it.


should I mark solution or keep the ideas flowing?

Make one that is simple but works with at least 100 most used words for good sentences.


Guides aren’t a trend. Please don’t make a guide if it is the same. It should also have its own perks compared to other chat systems, like improved memory efficiency or better aesthetics.


and there’s enough that have been done that it’s unlikely that you will be able to do that

Its a chat system that will be live feedback

live as in…

feedback about what?

live as in updating constantly like a discord chat?

the live feedback on the blocks option

that’s less efficient than the original chat guide by at least 2 thousand memory

and gimkit notifications are always live, so I don’t really get the need here

It’s smaller so it clogs up less of your screen.

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