Improvements for my van

I need improvements for my van. I know it looks really ugly, so that’s why i made this post.
Screenshot 2023-08-08 8.46.52 AM

It’s already in the top of the forum and no one answered
ig the forums are dead

Uh a black window?

That’s for the robbers van
Why would there be a window

Oh, then idk

add a front to the car, so it isn’t just a box on wheels.

Make the wheel opacity 1

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Move the body over the wheels

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Make a triangle on the front of the car

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Wait, what kind of van is this? I could make something for you

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Add a front seat window and maybe a triangular van nose.

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try to make it less boxy

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make the wheels fully opaque, and add a smaller grey circle inside of it (also opaque) @LxmasHaxTakis

welcome to the community @gwenstacy!

Welcome to the community!

Welcome to the Gimkit Community @gwenstacy !

Try this!



Welcome to the community!

I like to make maps so I thought I would try to help, I am assuming you needed a police van so I made one.
Screenshot 2023-08-11 2.46.04 PM


That’s very nice! Great job on that police van!

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