Imposter game end

how can i do it so that when a certain person dies, the game ends

That’s hard. I don’t know that yet.

Yes. That tag is only for guides.

I put that tag when I had an among us question and it got removed because it was not a guide.

You can use blocks in a ko manager. They should be

If Knocked out players team number = 2(or whatever team the imposter is on)
Do Broadcast message on channel “Endgame”

Make the endgame channel trigger the end game device. Anyway, I’m on mobile so I can’t check if the team number block is like that. If it isn’t, connect a lifecycle set to player knocked out to a checker that checks if you have the weapon the imposter has. If yes, end game. If no, switch team to spectator.

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yes thank you.


I will go face-to-face with my sworn enemy, blocks

also can i have a screenshot (I dont know where some of the blocks are located)

Here’s a screenshot:


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