I'm working on an amazon gimkit map and would appreciate any ideas or suggestions anyone might have

So I need ideas for an amazon gimkit i’m making any tips or ideas I can do?

you could use this flower i made, it would look cool in a jungle setting

Thanks for the link/idea!

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which amazon is it the forest type or the website

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when i first read amazon, i was thinking of the actual Amazons in Greek mythology
maybe add a secret Amazon lair?

I think they mean the company.

I think they mean the Amazon River.

@capybara22 Do you mean the company or the jungle.
Its confusing.

If its the company make a warehouse maybe.

If its the jungle make a bunch of trees using barriers? You should also add a jungle village and maybe a temple to loot.

pretty sure its the jungle
the amazon jungle

company? i dont even know what the inside of the amazon company looks like

A warehouse maybe. I dunno either.

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guys. clearly, capybara22 liked speedy_kd4 's post, and since capybara22 did NOT correct speedy_kd4’s understanding, that means that the intended meaning is the amazon jungle

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Lets get back on topic
For the trees, i suggest you put them on “above” layer and cluster them close together to create a dense canopy.

Adding on to what @Pika_Pokemon said, you can also tint trees darker to make them seem more jungle like, (you can add tinted coral for vines too.)

maybe u can use zones so that when ur under the canopy, the canopy switches to a similar transparent canopy, and when ur standing in the open, the canopy switches back to a normal solid color


Alien Plant also works good, maybe tinted barriers to make it look wet

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Thats actually a really good idea

Ha yeah I thought it was the company

@speedy_kd4 I made the flower on gimkit do you like it or should I just delete it?