I'm very confused on how this works

I’m very confused about how to use the camera view device because I need it to look like I’m actually in the tent but when I try, it’s zoomed in too close.

Try changing the size of the Camera View to as big as the tent.


you use the camera device to limit a persons vision in that area. also you can try haiasi’s solution, i was just telling you what it was

It’s not actually in the tent because it’s like a mile away. I’m trying to mak it like @ModerateCape86’s map.

I know, but it’s hard to use and the mechanics are strange.

Oop, school’s starting, I’mmaa head out, check on the answer in a little bit.

@GimSolver Just resize the Camera View so it outlines the whole wall
If you want it to unable to see outside, I mean


Then put it near the tent or make the CV horizontal?
Also, can you show a picture of ModerateCape07’s map?
That might help.


I can’t now, gotta wait for him on Wix.

That’s what I did but the screen too big.

Try adjusting the zoom settings on the wixsite.
Also, as a substitute you can use dark-tinted zones wired to barriers as shadows to make it look like the player vision is being distorted without making the screen look weird.

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Add another room, and that room will be “inside” the tent, place the cam view there.

That’s what I did.

Nevermind, just have to move it and test it a little bit.

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