I'm trying to make different r*fles for a d-day map my friend is making but the rarities only let me make 7 due to the rarity system

      Ifi end up using a lower rarity for a "different" r*fle,  then noone would use it. Is it possible to add special abilities to the different rarities? like a speed boost or a dash (slide) without it being too complicated (suggestively just a click of a button to get the g*n and ability that goes with it)

sorry if I posted this wrong, I just never posted before

Well yes, you could have a checker checking for the rarity of the weapon that the player has, then you could make each one broadcast on a channel to activate something depending on the rarity you have, does this make sense, I can elaborate if you want.

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Technically there’s 35 different ones you can use (5 weapons x 7 rarities)

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no there are 5 rarities and 9 weapons (if you count the pickaxe)

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Oh yea, I hadn’t added the newer ones.

They have now added the pickaxe (a while ago) and are soon to add the Pixelator! This totals 45 now, not including future gadgets left unreleased.

Also, if you want SUPER weapons, try supercharged gadgets: