I'm trying to make a tycoon Game, but im bad at coding

I have my droppers, upgraders, buttons, and weapons. I just need a way to make cash from them… (not the weapons tho)

How does a tycoon game work?

Well, Im basing it off a roblox tycoon game, where the first dropper is free, it drops anything. It goes onto a conveyor belt, then into a hopper that gives you a certain amt of cash, you use that cash to buy more droppers that give more cash

i don’t expect to make it have it drop the item, then go down the belt at all. it would be purely showcase

You can use repeaters to continually grant money. Connect it to some deactivated triggers connected to item granters with smaller amounts of money, then use vending machines to activate those triggers as a money boost.


Try using these guides:

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