I'm trying to make a roof that becomes invisible to only the people in the room and the people in the room can't be seen by the people outside the room?

I’m trying to create a vault for my battle royale game and I need a roof that is only invisible to the people inside the vault and visible to the people outside the vault

Make the roof player scoped

Player enters zone → Hide barrier/prop

(Also, what Cello said)

how do I do that my friend tasked to do this and I don’t know how

Go to the scope settings and change it to player

trying to answer things with pics and drawings

scope be like


Do I have permission to use the bottem pictures in future help guides Foxy?

sure but please credit

well if you don’t I’m going to point out the watermark and make you see it

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too many questions are about scope
it’s simple enough that it doesn’t not need a guide but it makes so many help topics

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My ocd is kicking in…
The teams aren’t split evenly lol

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5 is the max most people can have so I went with that

it should have been 4 or 6 though so teams could split better

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@Tootsie welcome to the forums!

what else needs a drawn image to explain it though?

Every single device in existance. That’d be fun in guides. I’d credit you every time I use it.

fun images of how devices work
also sometimes it’s more helpful than a block of text to new users

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I’ve decided I’d start making fill in the blanks to help some people instead of me figuring everything out and they do nothing.

doesn’t work they will just ask you

Then I will ignore them and carry on. I’ll see how it works.

this is what I’m going to post when people keep asking for impossible things

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