I'm sorry what?

Idk man this is wack
Screenshot 2024-04-25 at 12.13.01 PM
It only happens when in fullscreen mode and not while the game is playing, so it’s not the worst glitch ever but still very weird. Also, I’m on a macbook.


Hello! Try emailing hello@gimkit.com!
I haven’t seen a glitch like this before…
were your item Image devices overlapping or…?

Yay! I hit 1000 Help replies!
Okay back serious now…

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it looks like a new bug its been a bit so it was destine to happen. but try reloading, shutting down the device and contact gimkit at hello@gimkit.com if those before didn’t work.

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Uhh ok so I just exited fullscreen and I went back and this is what it looks like now
Screenshot 2024-04-25 at 12.17.14 PM

Refresh? Email hello@gimkit.com?
delete the vending machine and replace it?
remove the IM device if you have it?
I don’t have the foggiest idea.

that is something to do with the camera it happend when creative fist came out but with gims.

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neither, maybe email josh if you want his email is josh@gimkit.com he responds quick to bug emails.

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That’s great. Yes! Do that!
If you have done everything else.

I thought you were supposed to just email gimkit

The camera device? I havent used it here. Also it appears that the glitch only happens when the vending machine is deactivated on game start

I don’t know. I usually email gimkit but maybe it doesn’t matter.

is this is edit mode or in game or both?

weird. do you have an item Image devices or something?

they said it was in

oh uh… this is weird.

email gimkit idk :woman_shrugging:

Should I email gimkit or josh first?

  • Gimkit
  • Josh
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Do either or. Email Josh first since Gimkit often receives a lot of emails.
Then do Gimkit. As long as you email somebody, the problem should be solved eventually.