Im not sure if it is a bug[🧗Platforming Bug]

With the new platformer mode if you try to change the zoom it does nothing. Does anyone know about this?

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It was an intention, I think.
Are there any maps settings that allow you to zoom out?
In regular maps, it allows you to.

If you don’t see an option to zoom out, yes it’s an intention.
If you think you should refresh, refresh.
Otherwise, it’s an intention.

it still shows the change zoom bar but it does nothing. here is a picture:

Maybe email
Maybe they could help.
Otherwise, I don’t think you can zoom out in Platforming Creative maps…

no it’s part of the beta
many things are still in progress

Yeah, probably right.
If that’s the case, you probably can’t zoom out.
And even if you could, I don’t know how it would help…

that kinda what i was thinking, that it was just something they haven’t gotten to yet

yeah a lot of things are still in progress
editing mode is a pain

well thank you for the help, i’m going to let this close now…

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What should we really do for these post? The update log said to post your bugs on the forum so they can fix them? should we lable all the platforming bugs with a title tag?

Example (:newspaper: TUG)

(update bug)
or something?

@BubbaW tug is only for guides wolf was providing an example

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i was thinking more like (Platforming Bug)


@Foxy This is what i put, it will work for now. [:person_climbing:Platforming Bug]


no its the button that hides your tabs then it will work

see the diff

what is that button on a chromebook i forgot…

very top row of keys 5th key

mark this as solution

it isnt doing it for me, its fine though it doesnt really bother me. i am laggy right now so its hard for me to get a reply

you gotta make sure your tabs don’t show then you zoom in